So, today I’m going to go public with this project – tell all my family and friends about it.  In the “About” section of this page, you’ll see that I’m calling this an “accountability tool” instead of a blog.  I’m not really crazy about the word “blog.”  I’ve always felt that blogging is a little pretentious – who really cares about the minutia of a blogger’s day-to-day life?

But, I’m not really writing this because I feel like I have something really important to say, though certainly I hope my family and friends enjoy reading it.  I’m writing it for me.  It’s a tool to “keep me honest.”

It’s just like running for me.  I know a lot of people who are solitary runners.  They are disciplined enough to log their training miles on their own.  They don’t need outside help.  They amaze me and baffle me, because that approach would be incredibly hard – and not fun – for me.  Joining a running group was the best thing I did for my running.  I really think that without it, I would have fizzled out and stopped.  And though I do plenty of weekday solo runs, I do most of my long runs on Saturday with the group.  Running is an individual sport, but I need that support, that community, to make it fun, motivate me, and most of all – keep me accountable.  Because when my alarm went off at 7 a.m. this morning and it was still dark and 30 degrees outside, you better believe if I didn’t have friends waiting for me out there, I would have just snuggled back into my warm covers and gone back to sleep.

So that brings me back to this project.  For years, I’ve wanted to spend more time writing and make a commitment to do service work, but these goals always seem to fall to the back burner.  By telling all of you about what I’m planning to do, I know I’ll “show up.”  Even when it’s cold and dark and I’d rather be napping.

Today: 4.22 miles; total for the year:  11.22

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