And so it begins…

Marathon training officially started today! Three miles down. About a million to go. I am ready and excited for the journey.

I am following a pretty conservative training plan – with the sole goal of getting to the starting line and crossing the finish line on November 20th in Philly. It’s a simple goal. I will try to stick to it and not get overly ambitious. My highest mileage weeks only get up to about 40 miles. But I know this plan will prepare me to meet my goal. I’m going to do everything that I can to listen to my body and take care of myself so I can get through the next 18 weeks healthy and ready to race!

I am definitely hoping for a break in the heat and humidity, but other than that, I feel good running right now and happy about the adventure ahead.

And to follow up on my last post – I am feeling much better. A lot has happened in the last week! I have a tenant lined up for my condo (lease is in the works) and this weekend, Tim and I found a great house in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore to rent. The process was a little stressful, but now that we have these things in place, I’m just so excited to get up there! Thanks to everyone for your support!

Miles run since last post: 12; total miles for the year: 340.4.


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