Wrapping up, Moving Forward

Here we are, one week into the new year, and I am just now getting around to my year-end wrap-up post. I guess putting an end to procrastination was not on my list of New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Three weeks ago, we set off for a nice Saturday morning run at Patapsco State Park, packing warm clothes, Gatorade, water, etc. into the car. Little did I know when we left the house that Tim also had a beautiful engagement ring zipped up in his pocket.  He asked me to marry him when we were high up on a very peaceful trail on a beautiful, crisp day. It was always a special place for us, but now it is even more so. Best run ever!!

I also completed my year-long running/giving project. As some of you may remember, I made a commitment at the beginning of last year to donate one dollar for every mile I ran in 2011 to organizations that leverage running as a tool to help people toward a better life. Right before the end of the year, I donated $250 to Girls on the Run Atlanta and $550 to Back on My Feet Baltimore. I ran 800.1 miles in 2011. It was fun to give that money away, and I feel great about the organizations to which I donated. I felt a little bit like Santa Claus!

I also recently got more involved in Back on My Feet Baltimore. I met up with the Baltimore group’s director of public relations a couple months ago and have been helping her out with their blog. I also just started running with one of the teams, and I really like it so far. I will write more about those experiences soon.

I’m not sure what’s next for Janice on the Run. I plan to keep writing here, but I’m not sure what direction I’ll take, and while I am sure I will continue to donate to organizations I care about, I am not yet sure if I will do one dollar per mile this year. In addition, I don’t yet have a running goal for the year. I’d like to maybe run a second marathon next fall, but I know my heart and soul has to be 100% in it to commit to the training. This year is already promising to be very exciting and busy, and I don’t know if a marathon is in the cards. I might have more fun running more races in the 10k to half marathon range. I guess I’m just going to go with what feels right.

Today, Tim and I ran six miles in 60 degree sunshine and it felt wonderful. I hadn’t run more than four miles since the marathon, and it felt good to get a solid run under my belt again. The next race on the schedule is the George Washington Parkway Classic on April 22nd – a 10-mile race that we ran last year and absolutely loved – but we may run a couple shorter races before then. It feels good to have a goal to work toward again.

I wish you all a very (belated) Happy New Year!

Miles run in 2011: 800.1

Miles run to date in 2012: 8