It was Nice While it Lasted…

Wow, did I ever need this past weekend. I’ve never been a huge fan of winter, but the last two years in Baltimore have been very mild, and I spent the 11 years before that in Atlanta, where contrary to popular belief, it does actually get cold. It’s just that winter in Georgia typically just starts to get going around Christmastime and by early February, it peters out and the trees start to bloom. At least that’s how I remember it in my head.

But this winter has been rough on me. I know I’m not alone. Almost everyone I know is lamenting some variation of “PLEASE make it stop!” The days are long and isolating. I feel antsy, distracted, tired and a little anxious. Our home, where we normally love to hang out, is starting to feel like a prison. Between the continuous bitter cold, frequent snow days and non-stop revolving door of colds that Isabelle brings home from daycare, we have been pretty cooped up here. It was getting to the point that if I had to listen to the “barnyard sing-along” on her favorite toy one more time, I was going to lose my ever loving mind.

So when this past weekend brought temps in the 50s and sunny skies, we busted out of this joint. Tim and I both went for runs, we took Isabelle for her first jaunt in the Bob, and she got to try out the swings again too. Her smile here pretty much captures how we all felt.  HOORAY! SPRING!!!

Isabelle swinging

Of course, we were back to snow again today. Sigh. But at least we got a little taste of the brighter days ahead. I can’t wait to take Isabelle to the park, go on a family picnic, feel the grass under our bare feet and maybe go to the zoo and introduce her to the giraffes.

As for me, I’m hoping to get back into a regular running groove. I’m embarrassed to admit that since the Philadelphia Half Marathon in mid November, I’ve run a grand total of 11 and a half miles over four runs. Ugh. Maintaining a winter running routine has always been challenging for me, and it’s even harder now that I’m a mom and don’t have as much flexibility in my schedule as I used to. But I’m hoping that warmer weather and more daylight will make it easier to get back into the habit. And I’m thinking I need to sign up for a race to get my butt back in gear.

The 10 day forecast is looking gloomy right now – highs in the 30s – but it can’t last forever, right? Bring on the sun! Mama wants to wear her flipflops!