Happy National Running Day!

Just a short post to wish all my running friends a Happy National Running Day!  There are so many reasons that I run.  It helps me clear my head and deal with stress.Running makes me feel strong – physically and mentally. It helps boost my confidence as I achieve new goals. It helps me connect with Atlanta – various neighborhoods, new friends – in different ways. It makes me crave healthier foods and put better fuel into my body.

Today, I plan to celebrate by hitting the grocery store and buying lots of healthy goodies for good meals for the next week that I’m here until I hit the road again. Last night, I made this really yummy(and super easy) dinner – grilled salmon (don’t have a grill, so did it on a grill pan on the stove), garlic and balsamic roasted brussel sprouts, and whole wheat couscous.

I stole both the salmon and brussel sprouts recipe from this great food/fitness blog I read called The Athlete’s Plate.  Yum!

Also going to celebrate National Running Day by running, of course, but probably on the treadmill tonight. It’s going to be another sweltering 96 degrees here today. But, I’d like to try to get a few miles in today. My goal for this week is to make sure I make exercise and nutrition a priority – they can easily fall to the wayside when I’m super busy at work like I am now. But if I put them first, they help me feel better and be much more productive – a win-win!

How are you planning to celebrate National Running Day?

Miles run since last post: 6.5; total miles for the year: 265.8.


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  1. Debbie
    June 2, 2011 / 8:21 am

    Happy National Running Day to my favorite runner!! I am going to celebrate today by running to Old Navy and Bed,Bath & Beyond 🙂

    Ok, ok…….maybe I will go for a walk later to help celebrate YOU!!!

    Hey, you could run on up to NJ today……our weather is BEAUTIFUL. Just shut off the ac and opened all my windows. The high today is 82 and NO HUMIDITY!!

    love ya,

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