We are inside four weeks until the marathon! I am very excited for the race and feeling really happy because I feel so good right now, physically. I should probably knock on wood for saying that. We still have our 20-miler this Saturday to get through. But, I’ve been feeling strong on my runs over the last week or so – no pain, no bad fatigue. I’m ready!

We did another run at Patapsco on Saturday, but did most of it on paved trails, rather than in the woods, which was easier. This weekend, we’re going to head to the C&O canal again for the big 20. That’s where we did our 17 miler, and it was relatively easy due to the dirt trail’s flatness.

After that – we start into the taper (reducing our mileage) before the race. Which will be weird. Training for the marathon has been such a time commitment. It will be strange when blocks of time start opening up that used to be filled with running. But, I know it will be good for me too, to give my body a bit of a break.

Will write an update after the 20-miler!  Wish us luck!

Miles run since last post: 37.5; total miles for the year: 657.2.


7 Responses to Feeling Good

  1. Mary says:

    All I can say is Wow. Such dedication. I love reading your blog- very inspiring. You GO girl. Xxoo

  2. Denise Pitchford says:

    Janice…Take Luck!
    You and Tim really don’t need any luck. You’ve got all the training, blessings from above and most of all your mom’s fervant prayers and wishes! I’ve been sending them out daily to keep you both healthy and strong. 20 miles is a great big WOW!!! Is the C&O Canal where you ran into the squirrel-eating snake? Can’t wait to see you tonight and give you an extra big hug!
    Love you, Mom

  3. Grandmom says:

    Go Janice & Tim! You absolutely amaze me. You are both so dedicated to your running and are doing great. Can’t wait to hear about your 20 mile run this weekend. Good luck! Love you so much, Grandmom.

  4. Vanessa Irons says:

    3.5 More weeks and it will all pay off! Cant wait to see you at the starting line

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