It’s Race Weekend!

I am officially on vacation until Tuesday. My bags are packed, I’m picking Tim up in about an hour and a half from work, and then we’re off to Philly. Race weekend is here! I feel great and ready to run! The weather forecast looks good, and I am so excited!

The 18 weeks of training have been challenging, but also manageable and fun. I feel ready to run 26.2 miles. The training experience has been just another reminder that by putting one foot in front of the other – literally – and taking small steps toward a larger goal, I can achieve almost anything, in running and in life.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on the journey.  I’ll definitely post a race recap, but if you’re interested in tracking my progress during the race, go here, and sign up to receive updates via text message or e-mail.

Have a good weekend! Philly, here I come!

Miles run since last post: 47; total miles for the year: 729.2.


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    January 23, 2014 / 9:49 pm

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