2017 is a big year for me. It’s the first year since 2012 that hasn’t started with me either pregnant or nursing. My babies are 3.5 and almost 2, and life is getting a little easier and more manageable. I actually sleep occasionally, and I have (a little) time to work on my own stuff here and there.

I’ll also turn 40 this year. I’ve never been one to bemoan getting older, and I actually love birthdays. But, this particular milestone has me thinking a lot about life and what I want to get out of it. It kind of hit me that my days here aren’t infinite. I hope I have many, many more, but I want to make sure I make them count.

Last month, inspired by my friend, Sarah – a talented writer and podcaster – I decided to pick a word for the year. My word is “reach.” The last few years have been dedicated to raising babies and basically surviving. Now I want more. I want to reach for my dreams, grab hold of the things that light me up inside and make me feel most like my true self. Those two things are running and writing.

So, this year, I plan to run 600 miles. I’ve been a runner for nine years, but there was an almost four-year hiatus in there when I was in new mommy world. I did run a half marathon six months after Isabelle was born, and I’ve run sporadically since, but I didn’t get back into a regular rhythm with it until this past fall. I already have a ten-miler and two half marathons on the calendar for this year. Six hundred miles is a big, but reasonable, goal, and I’m excited.

I also plan to write 100 days. I always set writing resolutions that I don’t stick to – like “write every day,” or “write three times a week.” Inevitably, I have a week where something blows up at work, or I haven’t slept in days because of the kids, or everyone’s sick, and my writing goal flies out the window. And then I beat myself up about it and just decide to forget it altogether. This year, I’m setting a year-long goal, so if I have a bad week, it’s okay, I can make up for it.

January was a good start for me on both goals, but as a Gretchen Rubin fan, I know that I am an all-out Obliger on her Four Tendencies Framework, so I need external accountability to make my goals stick. (Side note – I highly recommend Gretchen’s book, Better than Before, if you’re looking to make – or break – habits in your life. And her podcast is awesome too.)

So – I’m posting these goals here, on my blog, so they are out there in the world (for the 10 people who read this, anyway). I’m excited to see where “reach” leads me this year.

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