Whew! It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Actually, it’s been a whirlwind for the past six months or so. With my company, my family, and my boyfriend in places other than Atlanta, I’m on the road a lot. Since September, I feel like I’ve been on a continuous loop: pack, un-pack, re-pack the suitcase. And repeat.

It’s tiring, but I can’t complain. The last few months have been pretty wonderful in a lot of ways. And, not to fear – though my “Janice on the Run” blog has been quiet the last two weeks, I most certainly have been “on the run” – both in my travels, and in logging miles on my feet. Since I last wrote, I’ve completed long runs of 7, 9, and 10 miles, with lots of shorter runs intermixed. And I feel great!

Last weekend brought Tim and me to Carmel, CA to visit his family and celebrate the life of his grandmother, who passed away in late December. What a lovely place – and a welcome retreat from winter on the east coast. We were lucky enough to have time for a long run last Saturday morning and went for a 9+ mile trek, much of it on trails over the Pacific.

So incredibly beautiful. It’s amazing how quickly a long run seems to pass when you can drink in that kind of scenery. I’m pretty sure I’d be an ultrarunner if I could train in a place like that all the time.

I’m back in Atlanta now for a while, which is really nice. Gearing up for the Chattahoochee Road Runners 10k in two weeks and the Georgia Half Marathon in four weeks. There’s no place like home!

Miles run this week: 19; total miles for the year: 89


7 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Mary says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog Janice (even though I am only an avid walker and hiker). Wonderful photo. Glad you are home for awhile. Xxoo

  2. Grandmom says:

    Janice, you look great in that picture. I really love reading your blog. You do quite a great job. Good luck with your upcoming runs. Love you!

  3. Denise Pitchford says:

    Hey, Dorothy, just click those red running shoes together and move further up north on the East Coast, then you wouldn’t have to pack the bags quite so often. I hear Alexandria, Va or Baltimore, MD or West Deptford, NJ are all great locals. I’m just sayin’. Love you, Mom
    P.S. The Pacific Blue looks so BEEutiful, and you’re not too shabby yourself!

  4. Kelly Healy says:

    Janice, that picture is amazing! Hope you feel better soon.

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