Just a short post tonight. Went on my first run in 14 days tonight, now that I am finally over the cold from hell that possessed me with violent, painful coughing fits and horrible fatigue for more than 10 days.  The last two weeks have been really tough.  It’s amazing how life can essentially stay the same yet something as simple as a bad cold can take control and your perspective can completely flip upside down. Nothing at the core of my life had really changed, but I was sick and cooped up without human interaction, and I felt depressed and really overwhelmed by everything – work; my long to do list; and missing Tim, my family, and friends.  To add insult to injury – I couldn’t run, and running is my best coping mechanism when times get tough. But I could barely muster the strength to get in the shower each day, let alone lace up my shoes and hit the road.

But tonight – finally – I did just that.  Just a short three miler, but I felt pretty strong, even on the hills. I’m disappointed that I’ve missed two weeks of running, and I skipped my running club’s 10k this Saturday, which I had been looking forward to. I also have the Georgia Half Marathon in two weeks, and I’m not super well trained for it. But that’s okay. I’m going to go into it accepting that it’s not going to be a PR for me, and instead look at it as a fun training run through some pretty cool neighborhoods in the city. I have a long, hopefully great, year of racing ahead. This is just a bump on the road.

Felt really good to get out there again.  Miles run today: 3; total miles for the year: 95.


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