About Janice On the Run

I started this blog in January 2011, when I decided to combine my passion for running with my goals to write and do service work. I made a commitment to donate one dollar for every mile I ran that year to charities that leverage running as a tool to help people toward a better life (see Girls on the Run and Back on my Feet).

Since then, Janice on the Run has started and stopped numerous times. I got married. We had two babies in less than two years. Over the last nine years, we’ve moved four times. I ran sporadically for five years – from when I became pregnant with my first child until my second was about two. So keeping up with a running blog when I was only occasionally running, while juggling a full-time job and parenting babies/toddlers, kind of fell off the priority list.

But now my kids are seven and five, and over the past few years, I’ve been running a lot more consistently and working toward some goals. I ran my second marathon in the fall of 2019, eight years after my first. And I’m not stopping there. Thanks for reading and following my journey!

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