I started this blog in January 2011, when I decided to combine my passion for running with my goals to write and do service work. I made a commitment to donate one dollar for every mile I ran that year to charities that leverage running as a tool to help people toward a better life (see Girls on the Run and Back on my Feet). By the end of the year, I ran seven races (including my first full marathon) and 800.1 miles. I donated $250 to Girls on the Run Atlanta and $550 to Back on My Feet Baltimore.

I intended to keep Janice on the Run going in 2012, but life had other plans. Tim and I planned our wedding and got married in July, and shortly after that I became pregnant with our daughter, who was born in late April 2013. Running – and writing – got put on the back burner – not entirely by choice. Though I had hoped to be one of those women who ran throughout her pregnancy, it was not in the cards for me. I needed to give it up relatively early in my second trimester.

Less than two years after our daughter was born, our son joined our family. Those first couple years of raising two babies made it pretty darn impossible to keep running at the forefront of my life.

But now that the kids are a little older, I’m running more consistently again and pursuing other things I love – writing, reading, yoga. In between work and taking care of my family, I write about my experiences here. Thanks for visiting!


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