Taking a Plunge

My daughter has no fear.

She learned to crawl Thanksgiving weekend and hasn’t stopped trucking since. Nothing deters her. She would crawl right off the edge of the couch if I let her. She recently figured out how to crawl up the flight of stairs from the living room to her room, and she thinks she can just turn around and crawl back down, head first. A few days ago, she gleefully chased after Nittany, our cat, over and over again, until poor Nit hissed at her in frustration. We thought it might scare Isabelle, but she just laughed and moved on.

I don’t think she gets the fearless streak from her mama. My perfectionist tendencies have always made me a little cautious, afraid to make a mistake. I don’t like to take risks. I weigh things very carefully before making a decision.

So when my former writing teacher emailed me and suggested I audition for Listen to Your Mother, a series of live staged readings on motherhood “in all its complexity, diversity, and humor” in 32 cities nationwide, I thought of all the reasons I shouldn’t do it. I didn’t have time to prepare the “perfect” essay. Performing a personal piece in front of the producers would be terrifying. And the show was for “real” writers and bloggers, not for someone like me.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And then a seed of an idea for an essay started to form in my mind. And then I started writing it. And then I thought, well maybe…

So, I took the leap and auditioned last weekend, and I am very excited to announce I’ve been selected to join the Baltimore cast! The show will take place on April 26th at 6 p.m. For anyone who would like to come watch the performance, you can purchase tickets here – and 25% of proceeds go to the House of Ruth, a refuge for women who are victims of domestic violence.

I feel honored to be part of the Listen to Your Mother movement, and I am so excited for this experience!